Saturday, July 16, 2011

The outgoings far exceed the incomings for F. McCourt

Frank McCourt has told the court that he can no longer afford to support Jamie McCourt's extravagant lifestyle, as reported by Steve Dilbeck. Frank claims he paid Jamie $7.76 million over the past year to cover temporary spousal support and maintenance on their seven homes...but that can't continue on his current income.

Note to Frank: there has never been a time when you could afford Jamie's lifestyle.

At any rate, he does make a pretty valid point. If we were to rephrase his request to the court in more casual terms it would sound something like this: "Hey Judge, tell my money-hungry sow of an ex-wife that the party's over. She needs to sell a house or two or three. I can barely afford the room service rate for caviar in my modest Montage suite."

Frank and Jamie are both responsible for the dire financial mess the Dodgers organization is in. Who can say if one is more responsible than the other. That said, for sheer laughs read this quote by one of Jamie's representatives: "It's inexplicable that Frank has single-handedly destroyed the value of the Dodgers in the nearly two years since Jamie was last involved with the team."

The sad part of it all is that Frank can wave all this misery away — the exorbitant cost of litigation, the usurious loan fees, Jamie's divorce lawyers chewing away at his heels, Bud Selig thwarting his every effort to keep the team, the uniform contempt of an entire city, etc. — with a magic wand if he just sold the damn team. But in the face of good judgment, he insists on continuing the war.

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