Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dodgers News & Notes

  • How is it that baseball didn't expect Frank McCourt to file Chapter 11? Bud Selig made an egregious blunder when he allowed Fox to sell the Dodgers to McCourt. He might have added to it when he shied away from staging a hostile takeover. But this would have gone strictly against precedent for a league known for sticking to the old ways of doing things, even at a time when one of it's most glorious franchises edges near financial collapse. Full story here.
  • Steve Dilbeck ponders why McCourt continues to employ Steve Garvey while the latter assembles a group to purchase the Dodgers? It's a a mystery that "rates slightly behind Charlie Sheen taking steroids for a baseball movie." Full story here.
  • The other potential suitor is a Dodger Stadium fixture too. Unlike Garv, he pays a small ransom to be be there. With an impressive list of credentials that includes a coaching stint with the San Fernando Orioles, you better believe Dennis Gilbert warrants serious consideration. Full story here

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