Monday, May 23, 2011

Did the parole department drop the ball?

I have a feeling the parole department will eventually have to answer to charges that it was lax in its duty to monitor Giovanni Ramirez.

According to reports from KFI's Eric Leonard, Ramirez is a high-control parolee. Because of staffing issues within the department, Ramirez' monitoring wasn't as strict as it should have been. Leonard raises two troubling issues. The first is that Ramirez moved and nobody knew. The second is the duration of time it took to record the covered-up tattoos.

Today, the Los Angeles Times revealed that the parole agent had a mandatory check-in meeting with Ramirez shortly after the attack. By that time, the police sketches of the two assailants had already been released, and the agent noticed Ramirez' resemblance to one of the men depicted in the drawing.

Meanwhile, the Stow family expresses their "deep gratitude to the LAPD for their exhaustive efforts.”

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