Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Parole department omission may have delayed apprehension of Bryan Stow beating suspect

According the San Francisco Examiner, Giovanni Ramirez would have been identified sooner, but oops! Someone in the state's parole department didn't bother to enter into the computer database "key descriptive details" that include a really obvious teardrop tattoo and a Dodger logo neck tattoo.

Back when Ramirez was apprehended, I predicted that the parole department would get flack for their lax monitoring of parolee Ramirez. I won't take credit for something that was so blatantly inevitable. Remember, it's not the first time a California parole officer failed to live up the standards of his or her occupation.

The Examiner article also confirms that Ramirez is a member of the Boyle Heights-based LA Varrio Nuevo Estrada street gang.

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