Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stow family attorney says Stow was harassed during more Dodger news

Per LA Times, the family's attorney is claiming that Bryan Stow and his friends were subjected to "clear signs of intimidation" during the game, and security failed to address it.

Daily News reports that the attorney for Giovanni Ramirez' family members is saying that the suspect's 10-year-old daughter is willing to testify that her father was not at Dodger Stadium that day.

The Astros are a welcome sight to Ted Lilly's sore eyes, according to  

Casey Blake could return as soon as Friday, says Don Mattingly.  

The Dodgers are going to have have to make some moves next year to bolster their lineup, writes Jon Weisman in Dodger Thoughts.

Gotta move them somehow. $7 Dodger tickets available at Groupon.

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