Saturday, May 28, 2011

McCourt pulls a $9.8 million rabbit out of his hat; Dodger Stadium fire (updated)

Per ESPN, McCourt has "apparently" met payroll this month, thereby managing "to stave off the latest concern that could threaten his ability to retain the team."

The $300 million up front should alleviate most of McCourt's short term financial ills.

TV revenue trumps ballpark revenue. Do you trust McCourt with $3 billion? Would you trust Al Qaeda with a nuclear missile? With $3 billion guaranteed over twenty years, what incentive does McCourt have to reinvest in payroll? I see not only fans getting screwed, but Fox as well. If attendance continues to decline, TV viewership will tail off too.

Dodger Stadium on fire
A small fire has erupted at Dodger Stadium. Vin Scully has announced that the fire started in a warehouse, perhaps a stash of old Manny wigs. Meanwhile, McCourt's in his Beverly Hills room playing the fiddle. LA Times just posted a link minutes ago.

Courtesy of AV Fire News via Twitter
Courtesy of LA Times
A pathetic observation about tonight's game
Sparse Dodger Stadium looked like a Marlin home game. See pics below.

Courtesy of AV Fire News via Twitter
Dry May 
Per Joe Block via Twitter, the Dodgers have scored 0 or 1 runs ten times in May and are 0-10 in those games.


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