Friday, June 3, 2011

The Dodgers not the only team in violation of MLB's debt more Dodger news

The Dodgers and Mets aren't the only MLB teams with debt issues. The LA Times reports that nine teams are in violation of debt service rules. The key difference, however, separating the McCourts from the other leveraged owners is the more than $100 million they sucked out of the team to underwrite their lavish lifestyles. "Don't underestimate that issue," says Marc Ganis, a Chicago-based sports business consultant.

They've been sketchy at the plate, but Don Mattingly has whipped the Dodgers into a fine defensive unit, writes Steve Dilbeck.

Tough love
Dylan Hernandez writes that Hiroki Kuroda spent most of high school on the bench due to his inability to find the strike zone. During bullpen sessions, his coach would instruct the catcher to let the ball go pass him if it wasn't a strike. Kuroda: "I would have to run to retrieve the ball, then run back to the mound to make the next pitch." The tough love thing worked.

Fanning the flames
Can anyone at Dodger Stadium get anything right. By not removing flammable material and switching on a fan, personnel may have rekindled the second fire, per the LA Times.

Click to see photo gallery of Jerry Sand's milestone baseballs.
Despite his almost rock-star status with the fans, Jerry Sands remains a small-town boy, writes Jill Painter of the Daily News. And, speaking of Sands, Ned Colletti is kind enough to give True Blue L.A. a prospect status update. More on Colletti, he gave an interview on Petros & Money that's worth a listen.

Scully gets the red carpet treatment
Steve Dilbeck updates us on Vin Scully's Hollywood Walk-of-Fame star, which continues to be shamefully obscured by a dirty red carpet (as originally discovered by Roberto Baly of Vin Scully is My Homeboy).

Giovanni Ramirez update
Per Eric Leonard of KFI, a parole commissioner says no evidence links Ramirez to Bryan Stow's attack.

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