Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If there's hair, Giovanni wasn't there

Giovanni Ramirez' defense team says he didn't have a shaved head at the time of the opening day attack; therefore, he doesn't match the description of Bryan Stow's attackers, according to NBC LA.

Ramirez' attorneys admit that their client periodically shaves his head, but let his hair grow back in March and didn't shave it again until shortly after the day of the attack.

The defense hopes that a security camera at an East Hollywood motel where Ramirez and his girlfriend spent the night March 31 will prove that he had some growth on his dome, also per the NBC LA report.

It should be asked, if the video shows Ramirez emerging from his seedy room with a Trump-like comb-over, will Charlie Beck still adamantly believe he got his man?

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