Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yes, we know: It's a mess!

Harvey Levin of TMZ sat down with Mark Cuban to discuss buying the Dodgers. The conversation summed up the "mess" the Dodgers are in due to Frank McCourt's mangling of the ballclub's finances.

Nine variations of "mess" are used in the conversation, along with a sprinkle each of "chaos", "screwed up", and "disarray." Here, they are itemized:
HL: The Dodgers are in chaos right now… 
HL: You see what it looks like. It's a frickin' mess!
MC: I have an interest in Major league baseball for the right deal, but it's just such a mess. 
MC: I can't imagine that it's not going to be such a mess that's it's going to make it hard to turn around. 
HL:  But if it's a mess and you turn it around, look at what it does to you. 
MC: It's like when I got the Mavericks. It was a mess. 
MC: But if it's just so screwed up...that the pieces are so messed up that it takes twenty years to fix . . .
MC: There's literally franchises out there that are in such disarray and in such [a] mess... in multiple leagues… that no one can fix them. 
MC: They [MLB] might just take...[the Dodgers]...back and decide not to sell it for a while. . . So they might say "We'll take it back, we'll fix it up some and clean up some of the mess". . . and sell it then. 
MC: I don't know how big a mess [it is]. It's not for sale yet.
Cuban admits he's conscious of the wishes of many Dodgers fans for him to buy the team. So, at least we know the countless cries of "Mark, save the Dodgers!" via Twitter and Facebook aren't falling on deaf ears.

And to Cuban's credit, he didn't shy away from the question of buying the Dodgers. A simple "no comment" is what you would have gotten from most people faced with this opportunity. Quite frankly, it was refreshing to hear him end with: "We'll see what happens."

Watch full interview here.

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