Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kershaw dominates Tigers; McCourt dominates headlines. And that's a problem

ESPN LA's Tony Jackson blisters Frank McCourt for stealing the spotlight from Clayton Kershaw and his two-hit, complete-game shutout against the Detroit Tigers Monday night:

"So, I now write directly to Frank to just please go away and leave us all alone. And, most importantly, leave this once-proud franchise alone. Forever. Because the next time one of your pitchers goes out and paints a masterpiece like this, the story needs to be that masterpiece. Not some letter you got from the commissioner and what it means, and how long it might take to mean what it's going to mean."

I was at this game and the discussion around me was about Bud Selig's decision to reject the FOX TV deal and what a scumbag McCourt is.

If you were too consumed with off-the-field events to enjoy Kershaw's mastery of the Tigers, gives you all eleven strikeouts for your viewing pleasure:

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