Friday, June 10, 2011

McCourt shoots for divine intervention

Frank McCourt has found religion, but for reasons that are likely less than pure. 

CBS 2 News is reporting that McCourt has asked the faith community to go to bat for him with Bud Selig. At the time of this writing, the news station hasn't posted a link to this story. For the time being, you may enjoy this partial transcription:   
Anchorwoman Pat Harvey: Several local religious leaders have rallied behind McCourt and are sending a message to Major League Baseball. Twenty pastors have signed a 4-page letter asking Major League Baseball to approve the $3 billion TV deal McCourt brokered with Fox Television.
Of course, the pastors are only doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. Then it cuts to this one pastor, John J. Hunter of the First AME Church:
Hunter: We heard his story. Very, very transparent. His pain both personal and his challenges professional. We prayed with him. We're interested in moving the Dodgers and the community forward.
Does the pastor know that his prayers, if answered, would annul the prayers of the entire Dodger fan base? I would hope God's response would be something like this: "Hey Pastor, I hear your prayers and all but what about the million daily requests I get to run the bum out of town? By the way, is that a Rolex you're wearing?"

Not to say that this to date is McCourt's most desperate gimmick to retain ownership of the team, but it ranks up there. If the all-mighty Fox network couldn't persuade Selig to approve the television deal, then it's safe to say that the good pastors got no prayer.

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  1. "ERRR UHHH Pastor ERRR UHHH everything you've heard about me is ERRR UHHH factually incorrect. I'll give every one of your ERRR UHHH flock or herd who will suppoooort me, free ERRR UHHH nachos and free ERRR UHHH Dawwdger Daawwwgs. ERR UHHH when they ERRR UHHH
    buy a ticket of course ERRR UHHH!

    If there is a hell you can bet that Frank McCourt will be down there hustling Satan to develop condos on the shores of the lake of fire.