Monday, June 6, 2011

Potential legal challenges for Stow family; Garv and Orel team up to buy the Dodgers

It won't be an open and shut case
The SF Chronicle examines the possible challenges that the Stow family may face in their lawsuit against Frank McCourt. In the article, Robert Rabin, a Stanford law professor, thinks McCourt should settle out of court to avoid more negative publicity. I have a strong feeling that the litigation-happy owner isn't going to heed the professor's advice.

Either way, here's hoping McCourt gets hung out to dry on this.

Orel satisfaction
The Daily News reported Sunday that Orel Hershiser is allying with Steve Garvey in a move to buy the Dodgers. The fan in me says, "Please, God! Let this happen!" I also recognize that an ownership team of Carlos Perez and Gary Sheffield would be a favorable alternative to McCourt. I do love Orel's quote in article: "The fan base, they deserve better....The Los Angeles Dodgers are part of the fabric of Los Angeles. Their pride and their heart have been hurt by what's gone on and what's happening. It will take a large effort to restore that and I'm pulling for McCourt and MLB....It hurts my heart. It's about restoring the confidence of the fan base and significant pride of the city."

The mantra of the fans this year has been "Anyone but McCourt!" At least with Garv and Orel, we're not getting just 'anyone.'

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