Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Frank on a hot tin roof

Steve Dilbeck is confirming that Frank McCourt will meet the Dodgers' payroll obligations that are due Wednesday.

So far, I haven't found any reports indicating how he came up with the money. If I had to guess, he probably drew cash advances from future sponsorship deals like he did May 31.

Nonetheless, it appears highly unlikely ("no chance") that McCourt will meet the team's June 30 payroll, as reported yesterday by Bill Shaikin. That's when several deferred salaries become due, ballooning the payroll amount to $30 million — that's roughly triple the normal amount.
McCourt has often been likened to a feline, due to his nine lives. Maybe it's time to try a new cat metaphor, and with that I give you two lines of dialogue from the playwright Tennessee Williams:
Brick Pollitt: What is the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof?
Maggie Pollitt: Just staying on it I guess, long as she can. 
It's not a matter of if he'll lose the team, but when he'll lose the team. McCourt can keep dancing, but at some point — post June 30? — Bud Selig will take action that will force the roof to cave in.


  1. So we assume. But as Bill Shaikin reported back on June 1, the investigation is slated to end on June 22. Of course, that doesn't mean MLB couldn't continue to treat the team as though it were in receivership afterwards, or extend the investigation's conclusion to July. But Frank has proven remarkably resourceful when it comes to getting more money to pay down the credit cards.

  2. I gotta believe that inevitably the Dodgers will transfer to another owner. Yes, me have to wait until the investigation, and other pleasantries...perhaps a lawsuit...but I'm thinking his days are numbered.

  3. I would also add that the end of the investigation is Jun 22. The NCCA waited several weeks after the end of the USC investigation before they announced sanctions. MLB might wait before they take action, if any.

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